The Language of Wedding Cinematography


If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us with any questions you may have.

Our wedding trailers are condensed 2 to 5 minute short films that include the highlights of your wedding day.

The Feature Film is a longer form cinematic documentary wedding film that includes additional sound bytes from the ceremony and toasts as well as more details of the wedding and reception.

Our aerial cinematographers are talented drone pilots that specialize in capturing the grandeur of your event and/or venue from above. From sweeping flyovers, to breathtaking establishing shots, aerial cinematography offers unlimited options and unique angles without the expense and limitations of a full-size helicopter.

A Timelapse is a film technique that involves setting up a stationary camera that runs over an extended period of time, then speeding up the footage in post production. Timelapses can add movement and energy to almost any static establishing shot.

The Love Story Intro is an additional documentary piece about how you and your significant other met and fell in love. We add this section to the beginning of your wedding film. It is a beautiful way to look back and see your love story on film forever.

The Same Day Edit is a version of our Wedding Trailer that premieres during your reception. It includes prep, first look, ceremony, and cocktail hour and is created by an on-site editor. The Same Day Edit is an amazing way to end your wedding day.

All of the footage that cinematographer(s) captured of the wedding. This comes in the form of small film clips that are not synced with the audio. Video editing software, a powerful system, and moderate post production knowledge are necessary to view this footage.

Ultra High Definition/4K Resolution is rapidly becoming the new standard in digital video and television. With twice the number of pixels that HD has, 4K will make your wedding film look crisper and cleaner than ever.

The Documentary Extended Edit is a long form documentary style wedding film that includes the full-length ceremony and toasts.